Sketchbook excerpts

Finding ways to tell the stories of my walks more thoroughly has been on my mind a lot lately. There are a number of small works in progress. My sketchbook is something I can share. The transit to each walk is fairly significant, so this has kept me engaged and conspicuous. Hopefully it will inspire those I share the train with on these rides to color or create.

A2015-06-22 16.11.43 HDR-2


B2015-06-22 16.11.33 HDR

Plate from the Mapping Brooklyn exhibition at BRIC this winter and spring

C2015-06-22 16.11.16 HDR-2

Most of the transit so far to my walks for 232 Square Miles

D2015-06-22 16.11.07 HDR-2

Experiences during a few walks

E2015-06-22 16.12.22 HDR-2


EE2015-06-22 16.10.40 HDR-2

Todt Hill, SI was treacherous so I cut this walk short at “R Redmond” and went to the local public library on Richmond Road. I plan to end more of my journeys cooling down / warming up, hydrating, peeing, and reading about local history in these oases.

F2015-06-22 16.09.52 HDR

Jonathan reading upstate and notes from the State of the Map, United States conference at the United Nations.

G2015-06-22 16.09.41 HDR-2

Notes and Jonathan. Many words I hope to better understand some day.

H2015-06-22 16.10.16 HDR

Mountain at night in my dreams

I2015-06-22 16.09.04


7 train


J2015-06-22 16.10.47 HDR-2


Staten Island Ferry Marker Explosion

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